Victor is a Graphic Designer based in Leeds´╗┐ and working at Neo G´╗┐

Since 2012 I have been working with the team at Neo G, developing the business from a relatively small operation into a truly global brand name stocked by some of the worlds leading retailers. To help the company achieve it's success I have worked hard in 3 key areas:

Product Packaging

A large part of my role at Neo G has been the developement of product packaging, from the early concept stages of new product development to the final prepress and production process. I have been responsible for creating the packaging for the entire range of products, establishing and protecting a consistent look and feel that translates across the various ranges. I have designed multi-lingual versions of the product boxes for the European market as well as continuously adapting and improving the existing packaging to adhere to specific regulations of retailers and governing bodies. Over the years I have designed hundreds of different product boxes which collectively have been printed over a million times and distributed all over the world.


During my time at Neo G I have overseen several redesigns of our ecommerce websites, working with developers to create both bespoke systems and modify existing platforms. I have been responsible for the management of these various websites making sure that they are kept up to date with new products and content. I have setup and built a mailing list, sending out marketing campaigns to drive sales and awareness. I have also setup and managed Neo G's web presence on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. This following has been grown organically through social activity plans and content that I have put together including running contests and promotions. I have written blog and social content and assisted with SEO and paid advertising. As well as our own platforms I have put together digital assets for our many retailers including text, images and video content. I have also assisted in the setup and management of systems such as Google Analytics and Bazaarvoice. 

Building the Brand

When I started my role I was the companie's first In-House graphic designer. The identity and packaging up to that point had been created by a local design agency. I have ensured a consistent look and feel across all required marketing materials (including brochures, stationary, trade show displays, FSDUs) and created editorial content for national newspapers and magazines. I have also worked alongside the teams at the various retailers we supply to, including designing panels for the Argos catalogue and creating online assets for to name a few examples. I have worked with various suppliers including printers, photographers, developers, production companies and PR agencies. 

Stocked worldwide by retailers including:





Well Pharmacy

Lloyds Pharmacy

Rite Aid


Walmart Canada



Kaiser Permanente

+ many more

Since joining the team I have worked hard to expand the initial branding/packaging work created by the agency; developing Neo G into one of the market leaders within its sector and a global brand name that can compete on the world stage.