Neo G Daily Defence Joint Health in store Boots UK

Neo G expanded its product range from orthopaedic supports to supplements and vitamins. This is an obvious move providing a complementary product which can be used to protect against developing issues before a support or brace is required.

After a various iterations of branding ideas I developed the concept of "Daily Defence" a product that would be taken everyday. The key selling point was the word "Joint Health" as the product contains active ingredients which allow Neo G to make the claim that it can help maintain healthy bones and joints.

After coming up with the name and branding of the product I designed 2 bottle designs for the 2 variations, with the main difference being the colourway. To align the product with the rest of the brand I tried to keep the base colour white and keep the front of the bottle clean and uncluttered. All legal information and detailed text was laid to the sides of the bottle allowing space for more visually appealling elements.

The main challenges were related to the shape of the physical bottle and the sleeving process as certain details had to remain away from the seam and distortion areas. The barcode had to remain in an awkward position to ensure that it would scan once applied to the curve of the bottle.

To launch the product I also designed a cardboard display stand which was installed in 100 of the flagship Boots stores  

Neo G Daily Defence Joint Health Packaging
Neo G Daily Defence Joint Health 50+