Neo G Neothotics Packaging in store

NeoThotics is Neo G's range of insoles for footwear. Constructed from a Premium Grade Silicone for shock absorption and cushioning, they feature an embedded Hexagonal "Tech Mesh" that strengthens the insole for maximum support and protection. This mesh also allows the full length insole to be cut to size without the silicone tearing, for a perfect fit within footwear.

To keep the new range in line with existing footcare products sold by Neo G the box was designed with the consistent orange colour and typefaces. Composite images made up of both photographs and vectors were used on the front of the box to give an idea of product scale and display the superiority of the product over cheapr competitor versions available in–store. A cut out was included to allow the buyer to see for themselves the difference in product quality.

Neo G Neothotics Full Length Insole Packaging
Neo G Neothotics 3/4 Insole Packaging
Neo G Neothotics Heel Cup Insole Packaging